Safety and Security | Solar Control

Safety and Security | Solar Control

 SolarZone Safe

Hanita Coatings are market leaders in solar control and safety and security film industry.  It made perfect sense to combine the two together and now we have the SolarZone Safe range. 
SolarZone Safe combine the shard protection of SafetyZone films with energy efficiency of SolarZone.  Films that mitigate security threats through glass retention, increase resistant to crime and natural disaster yet offer energy savings through cutting solar energy entering the structure. 
  • Increased protection for glass 
  • Excellent solar heat gain and protection 
  • High levels of energy efficiency 
  • 99% UV Block 

Cold Steel safe

Neutral grey films with excellent energy rejection and cut heat gain and glare, saving on HVAC cost while providing robust protection from shattered glass. 
Avaliable in 35 and 50% VLT , both in 6 and 10mil thick. 


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