Safety and Security | Clear Interior

Safety and Security | Clear Interior

optically clear anti-fragmentation films

For nearly two decades, Hanita Coatings have specialized in the production of multi-laminate safety and security window films, designed to protect people and property against flying glass shards. 

Hanita's SafetyZone films are famed among professional installers for performance, price and installation flexibility.  Free from distortion and the yellowish hue common with many other safety films on the market and are marked with digestive optical clarity and cleanliness.  The recipe for this success is a very simple-use top grade polyester, a unique proprietary transparent adhesive, and tight adherence to demanding ISO9001 quality assurance standards.
Clear Safety films span the gamut of thickness from 4,7,8,12 and 15mil thickness. 
Also Hanita Coatings SafetyZone products have achieved some of the worlds most stringent safety accreditation and are accepted and requested for application on Embassy's, Military, Hospitals, Law and Enforcement, Government, Municipal, Education, Museums, Jewelers, Historic Sites and many more applications of high security risk in some of the worlds most hostile environments. 



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