Safety and Security | Polycarbonate

Safety and Security | Polycarbonate


Polycarbonate is a substrate that is being used more and more.  No wonder why: transparent, lightweight, and virtually indestructible, plastic glazing makes it the perfect medium for skylights, walkways, machinery windows, public spaces  and many more applications. 
Now thanks to Hanita Coatings, there is a solution for upgrading the Polycarbonate-sun control, anti graffiti, protection from UV and from every day wear and tear. 

PolyZone protect

These clear films protect plastic substrates from scratches, discoloration, and graffiti.  The adhesion allows bubble free installation, clean removal and in turn keeping the plastic in pristine condition.  When professionally installed on the exterior of existing Polycarbonate, the film protects easily scuffed or damaged plastic and can up grade the solar control properties. 
Protects Polycarbonate against: 
  • Scuffing 
  • Yellowing 
  • Premature aging 
  • Graffiti-wipes clean 
  • Sacrificial film to protect against etch and gouging. 


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