Safety and Security | Anti Graffiti

Safety and Security | Anti Graffiti


The name of Hanita Coatings is synonymous with Anti Graffiti protection. The films developed by Hanita provide a tough invisible layer between vandals and the glass, help keeping the glass clean, clear and scratch free. 
The Special AG scratch resistant coating shrugs off most spray, paint and pen and wipes clean with basic cleaning material. Removing and replacing film is a breeze thanks to the low tack adhesive.  These films are made to the same rigorous quality standards as the SafetyZone range and hence the reason why revered by installers, councils, public transport operators, schools, property managers and many other satisfied personnel. The AG films are a comprehensive cost effective solution to costly and time consuming glass replacement. 

Interior Anti Graffiti 

Protects glass and mirrors from permanent damage. Tagging can be removed by simple cleaning, surface etching and scratching generally requires film replacement however the glass its self is unharmed. 

Exterior Anti Graffiti 

Originally developed to tackle the daily abuse on the Paris Metro transport system.  Now finding fame among public transport operators and munciple bodies across NZ. Excels in spray resistance and wipe-ability.  The robust 6mil thickness offers great gouging, etching and scratching resistance accompanied by the legendary Hanita exterior longevity.  

PolyZOne Anti Graffiti 

Protects polycarbonate and PMMA substrates from graffiti, vandalism, UV and everyday wear and tear.  Ideal for flat plastic glazed bus shelters, safety guards, walkways, stadiums and pools. 


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