Safety Mirror

Safety Mirror

Safe yet optically BEAUTIFUL! 

Glasslines Safety mirror is designed for high risk areas yet with no sacrifice in the intrinsic quality that standard mirror offers. 
In situations of high risk it is according to the NZ building code, certified safety mirror must be present.  In case of breakage, shards should be of a harmless size or restrained through a safety backing. 
Glasslines safety mirror has been used on thousands of projects each with different scope and requirements. 

Education, public transport, sports facilities, gyms, public amenities, law and enforcement, retail, external, equestrian show jumping, cabinetry, residential  .....are only a sample of the applications covered by Glasslines Safety mirror. 

Supplied as: 
  1. Vinyl backed 
  2. Toughened/tempered 
  3. Fully processed 
  4. Stock sheet 
  5. Case-lot 
  6. FCL 


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