Clear Laminated

Clear Laminated

Glasslines is a specialist in the laminate market, 

Having imported, processed and sold clear laminate for over three decades, suppliers have been whittled down to those who deliver consistent product, have achieved accreditation, produce multiple sizes, various thicknesses, exceeding demanding QC standards and have done this for years!  Thanks to a durable layer of PVB, Glasslines Clear Laminate will retain shards in the event of breakage and offer a 99% UV ray elimination. 
Processing laminate that is clean, flat, flaw free, a workable inter-layer and comes in sizes that suit your project can ensure significant cost savings for glaziers, fabricators and installers. 

Glasslines stocks clear laminate in 6.38mm, 6.76mm, 8.38mm, 10.38mm and 12.38mm designed for a variety of applications.  Laminated safety glass imported from accredited facilities that have achieved the NZS2208 standard means Glasslines Clear Laminate is specified to A Grade Safety glass in NZ.  
Ideal for: 
  • Shop fronts 
  • High risk zones 
  • Storm prone areas 
  • Blast mitigation 
  • Residential 
  • Commercial 
  • Schools 
  • Government 
  • Law and enforcement 
  • Military 


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