Black Chrome / Solar Steel

Black Chrome / Solar Steel

PREMIUM all metal 

Solar Steel (previously sold as Black Chrome) is a true performer.  A patented all metal construction with a calm grey appearance delivering true benefit through its exceptional solar control performance properties. 
Solar Steel is very popular among those wanting something a little different for their vehicle and commercial applications. The superior handling and shrinking of this film makes it popular among installers. 

For the driver: 

  • Calm Grey appearance
  • Exceptional record of longevity
  • Cuts glare, UV, solar energy making your car more comfortable


  • Easy shrink and install 
  • Reputation for being the toughest 
  • Gives driver real benefits
  • Optical clarity 


Solar Steel  is manufactured by Hanita Coatings Israel.  Situated in Kibbutz, Hanita Coatings have specialized in development, engineering and production of polyester films for high end applications. World leaders in window films for automotive applications, Energy Efficiency, Solar control, Safety and Security, External and Polycarbonate protection are to name a few. Glasslines NZ is proud to partner with Hanita Coating and bring the very best of technical support, energy efficiency advice, comprehensive building modeling, savings forecasts and products that have been proven in NZ conditions for over 20 years. Any project, any scope, any building, Glasslines in conjunction with Hanita Coatings have you covered.


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