Dual Reflective Exterior | Titan Xtra

Dual Reflective Exterior | Titan Xtra

performing beyond the expected

5 year ago Hanita Coatings preempted the need to develop an uncompromising, extensive range of exterior products, that are compatible with all glazing types and offer high levels of solar control.  Out of this brief was the birth of SolarZone Xtra range. 
SolaZone Xtra films deliver outstanding durability for long term solar performance. They're engineered to withstand the harsh NZ outdoor conditions and they're backed with extended warranties.  These films are extremely versatile and their external application mitigates the risk of thermal stress fracture or seal failure, even when applied to double or tripled glazed windows.  Retain the use of your internal Low Emissivity coating by applying SolarZone Xtra and enjoy the summertime benefits without compromising the winter time warmth Low E brings.  Exceptional energy savings on all glazing types. 

Dual Reflective Exterior | Titan Xtra

Titan Xtra is the only Dual Reflective external film in the range.
The Titan Xtra range offers some of the most impressive solar control
performance in window films today. The reflective exterior coating gives rise
to the extreme effective energy efficiency properties. This ensures rapid
payback on initial investment thanks to reduced cooling costs. As a welcome feature
the less reflective interior coating maintains a pleasant indoor ambience. Available
in 07% through to 50% and the application will suit even the most discerning installers.

  • Xtra Performance-Exceptional energy savings on all glazing types 
  • Xtra Tough-Resilient hard coat and flexible construction enhance weatherability and sustain the efficiency of the film in NZ's harsh conditions for longer 
  • Xtra Warranty-Comprehensive warranty for sloped, vertical and horizontal glazing 
  • Xtra Choice -Wide range of colours and performance for any project. 

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