Reflective Exterior | Silver XTRM

Reflective Exterior | Silver XTRM

A whole new class of window film 

SolarZone XTRM Silver films are a whole new generation of long lasting exterior films.  The combination of decades of experience, engineering and manufacturing exterior films and a completely novel approach using new chemicals and durable raw materials has resulted in a breakthrough development. 
The films abrasion-resistant hard coat ensures exceptional longitude, scratch free installation and long term cleanability. 

The design is based on a robust, metalized polymeric-based film and delivers the exceptional heat rejection of an external film, yet the lifespan is what you would expect of an internal film. Tested under extreme conditions both in the field and in the lab, XTRM films keep performing year after year.
High performance, outstanding energy savings and up to a 15* year warranty-make XTRM films the ideal solution for commercial energy savings projects where long term service is crucial for payback. Being an exterior product, XTRM films are compatible with even the most sophisticated glazing systems. 
Available in 20% and 35%.

XTRM Silver films are developed especially for external use on vertical glass in commercial projects.  For projects with sloped and horizontal glazing, use the XTRM SkyLite S20X. 

Notes: XTRM films are only available  to certified XTRM installers, subject to regional warranty conditions and require edge sealing. 


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