Polycarbonate | Solar Control

Polycarbonate | Solar Control

the answer to plastic glazing upgrade

PolyZone another masterstroke from Hanita Coatings.  Plastic glazing is a glazing medium that is being utilized in an increasing way. 
Hanita Coatings have developed the worlds most advanced sun control solutions to troublesome glare, heat build up and UV control on polycarbonate and PMMA substrates. 
The completely new formula, allows bubble free installation, clean removal thanks to the advanced adhesive and the plastic remains in pristine condition.  Highly efficient
as a 
solution to the problems presented by overhead skylights and reducing sun drenched areas into livable workable environments

PolyZone Silver 20 Xtra 

  • Warrantied for external application 
  • 82% Glare reduction for a pleasant dazzle free interior 
  • 99% UV block prevents fading and sun damage 
  • 81% Solar energy rejected dramatically reduces heat buildup, cutting cooling costs. 
  • External application extends substrate lifetime 

Polyzone skylite s20x xtrm

POLYZONE SKYLITE S20X XTRM film is a whole new generation of long lasting exterior films. The combination of decades of experience engineering and manufacturing exterior films and a completley novel approach using new chemicals and durable raw materials has resulted in a breakthrough development.  The films abrasion-resistant hard coat ensures exceptional longitude, scratch free installation and long term cleanability. 
  • Solar control designed for flat and curved and sloping roof applications
  • Exceptional glare, UV, Warranty and heat reduction
  • Outstanding warranty
  • Engineered to perform to perform for extended duration maximizing ROI 

Download PolyZone Info Sheet 

notes: XTRM films are only available  to certified XTRM installers, subject to regional warranty conditions and require edge sealing


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