Spectrally Selective External | e-Lite Xtra

Spectrally Selective External | e-Lite Xtra


Spectrally Selective SolarZone films effectively reduce solar heat gain while retaining high levels of daylight and preserving the natural appearance of the glass.  The films unique construction allows the film to filter only certain parts of the solar spectrum allowing energy savings that neither compromise the facade or view. 

e-Lite Xtra is an external film and available in 70% and just recently a 45%.  Both deliver excellent levels of heat rejection and energy savings that only external films can offer.  The natural tone of these films preserve the original appearance of the building but still deliver an energy savings upgrade with outstanding ROI. Also compatible with the most advanced glazing products, coated glass and IGU's.

  • High visible light transmission
  • High heat rejection 
  • Low reflective 
  • 99% UV block 
  • Natural appearance  
  • Maintains the architectural integrity 
  • Ideal for historic facades 


e-Lite is manufactured by Hanita Coatings Israel.  Situated in Kibbutz, Hanita Coatings have specialized in development, engineering and production of polyester films for high end applications. World leaders in window films for automotive applications, Energy Efficiency, Solar control, Safety and Security, External and Polycarbonate protection are to name a few.  Glasslines NZ is proud to partner with Hanita Coating and bring the very best of technical support, energy efficiency advice, comprehensive building modeling, savings forecasts and products that have been proven in NZ conditions for over 20 years. Any project, any scope, any building, Glasslines in conjunction with Hanita Coatings have you covered


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