Double Glazing

trolley_smallIn order to stay consistent with our mission and fulfilling the necessity of customer satisfaction, Glasslines manufactures I.G.U's (Insulated Glass units)/ D.G.U's (Double Glazed Units).  Using quality equipment powered by staff (having undergone comprehensive training), we deliver what counts to the end user: fully-sealed, clean & certified IGU's.

Our units have been subject to very stringent testing procedures according to NZ regulations in which manufacturers are required to comply with; Standard EN 1279.  Glasslines is fully compliant, giving us full certainty that our product we supply is in accord with the current industry standards.


The commonly-known term 'double glazing' refers to the use of two separate pieces of glass held at a distance at a predetermined width by an edge sealer. We bond this 'sandwich' together with a sealant. The trapped air space that is created between the two sheets of glass assists in preventing thermal and acoustic transfer through the unit. The completed glass panel is called an Insulated Glass Unit (IGU).

Insulated Glass Units are then either fitted into new aluminium joinery or retrofitted into your house/building, just like any single pane of glass is installed.


Double glazing increases the house_smallinsulation properties of your home/building. It also reduces noise pollution, increases security and will reduce condensation. The real effect takes place if you select the right glass types for the purpose.

To the end user's advantage:

  • Warmer in the winter (Reduces heat loss)
  • Cooler in summer ( Reduces heat gain)
  • Increases security
  • Reduces noise (from outside)
  • Reduces condensation
  • Energy savings
  • Enhance resale value
  • Improves your lifestyle


The Government has recently introduced the new building standard of every new home to have double glazing. This establishment is because of the recognised reducing effects that single glazed windows produced.

A single pane of glass provides very poor insulation because glass is a poor conductor of heat. Therefore, most of your heat goes straight out the window, resulting in you having to increase the amount of heating energy to maintain comfortable temperature inside.

The answer is, yes, double glazing is necessary in new homes/buildings.

For an older home, if you aren't experiencing comfortable temperatures all year round, we would recommend a 'retrofit' option. This simple process is replacing your single glazed windows with double glazed units. We recommend you contact for further assistance with 'retro-fitting' your home with double glazing.


Edgetech Super Spacer thicknesses we have in stock:

6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm. 


Orders can be faxed (to: 07 827 0933) or emailled through to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Additional Notes for ordering:

  1. - Please provide glass type, air space thickness, size and quantity required.
  2. - Minimum charge is 0.3m²
  3. - Surchages apply for Templated and Irregular shaped units.
  4. - Prices on pricelist exclude GST. Prices may be adjusted without notice.
  5. - Lead-time at least 3 working days.
  6. - Colonial Bars: $20 per square (less discount if applicable)
  7. - Argon Gas Filled - P.O.A
  8. - Spacer colour - Black Standard                                                            Back to top